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Configuration of Zoom

The Snow Integration Connector for Zoom is used for finding the following information about an organization’s Zoom account: 

  • Number of users

  • Each user’s base plan subscription

  • Login activity

All users registered on the Zoom account are displayed, except for those who have been manually deactivated.


Partly due to missing functionality in the Zoom API and some limitations in Snow License Manager, this version of the connector is not supporting: 

  • Special subscription plans, like Zoom for Education, Zoom for Developers or Zoom for Telehealth

  • Sub accounts

  • Paid add-ons

The configuration must be started and prepared according to SaaS connector configuration.


Credentials for a Zoom account are required.

Create a JWT app

The API key and API secret for your Zoom account are required as input when configuring the Zoom connector. To locate the API key and API secret, the JWT app needs to be created.

  1. Log in to Zoom Marketplace.

  2. On the Develop menu, select Build App.

  3. For the JWT app type, select Create.

    The Create a JWT app dialog box appears.

  4. Enter the name of app and select Create.

    The app is created.

  5. On the Information page, enter Company Name, Developer Name and Developer Email Address.

  6. Select Continue.

  7. On the App credentials page, make a note of the values in the API Key and API secret boxes, as they will be used when configuring the connector.

  8. Select Continue.

  9. On the Feature page, leave the Event subscription toggle turned off.

    Select Continue.

    If the app was correctly set up, a message confirming the activation will be shown.


    If the credentials become compromised, it is possible to regenerate API secret on the App credentials page.

Configure the Zoom connector

In the Configure section at the bottom of Connector Configuration: SaaS:

  1. In the Configure Zoom section, enter the values for the API key and API secret, as noted in Create a JWT app.

  2. Select Test Connection to verify that the connection between Snow Integration Manager and the Zoom API can be established.

  3. Select the Active checkbox to enable the connector, so that data can be aggregated.

  4. Select Save to save the configuration.

    When the connector is configured, you can aggregate data from it or schedule an aggregation.