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Configure the Amazon AWS Discovery connector

The Amazon AWS Discovery connector is configured in Snow Integration Manager. For more information, refer to Snow Integration Manager.

In Snow Integration Manager, add the Amazon AWS Discovery connector and configure the settings.

Configure access key

  1. In Access Key, enter the value of the Access key ID, as saved in Create an IAM user and retrieve access keys.

  2. In Secret Key, enter the value of the Secret access key, as saved in Create an IAM user and retrieve access keys.

  3. Select a Login Region.

  4. To set up a proxy server, select the desired proxy in Proxy.

    Proxies can be configured in the Proxy profiles tab in the Snow Integration Manager main interface.

  5. Optional: Enter a site name in Local Site Name.

    This will override the global site name set in Snow Integration Manager.

  6. Select OK to save the connector settings.

Configure multiple accounts

Use the role editing grid below the access key fields to add, edit, and delete roles. In Friendly Name, enter an alias of your choice. In ARN, enter the value of the Role ARN, as configured previously.

Set up instance filtering

  1. Select the Instance Filtering tab to set up how you want to filter which instances the connector should discover.

    The filters can be combined, and will reduce number of instances in the output, depending on how you choose to filter them.

  2. Select a Lifecycle type to make the connector only discover either Spot or Scheduled instances.

  3. Select Only running instances to make the connector ignore any powered down or hibernating instances.

    If you select Only include instances with these tags, and add one or more tags to the list below, instances will only be considered as long as they have the correct tag/value combination.

  4. Select Only include instances from regions and select which regions you want to query in the list below. Any regions not checked will be ignored.