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Configure the Ivanti Endpoint Manager connector

The Ivanti Endpoint Manager connector uses a database connection.


Requires a username and password for access to the Ivanti Endpoint Manager database.


In Snow Integration Manager, add the Ivanti Endpoint Manager connector and configure the settings:

  1. In the Server, enter the SQL server name.

  2. Select one of the following:

    • Enter user credentials for the Ivanti Endpoint Manager database in the User id and Password.

    • Select the Use integrated security.

  3. In the Database list, select database.

  4. To verify the connection, select Test connection.

  5. In the Initial aggregation length field, select the number of months for the initial aggregation of inventory data.

  6. To reset an ongoing incremental aggregation, select Clear Last Aggregation Date.

  7. In the Metering length (months), select the number of months for the collection of historical metering data.

  8. Optional: Enter a site Id for this connector.