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This guide describes how to install and configure Snow Integration Manager.


This documentation is also applicable for SAM Core on Snow Atlas.

Refer to Snow Integration Manager for a list of available integration connectors.



Read this section carefully before beginning the installation.

  • Verify that the server meets the system requirements for this product.

  • For configuration of the Snow Integration Connectors, a user account with read-only access rights to the database or on the server is usually required. If additional access rights are required for a specific connector, these will be described in detail in the section of that particular connector.

  • Download the latest version of Snow Integration Manager from

    Note that you must first sign in to Snow Community to be able to access the page via the link.

Microsoft's Data Protection API encryption

Snow Integration Manager uses Microsoft's Data Protection API (DPAPI) with an installation-specific key for encrypting connector and proxy credentials. This enhancement significantly increases the protection of corporate credentials used in SIM and may sometimes require manual intervention in cases where the service runs under certain user accounts. The opening of the SIM UI triggers a reset of the file permissions automatically if needed.

With this enhancement introduced in the SIM 5.40 version, the SIM user interface is no longer backward compatible. If anything goes wrong with the version upgrade, a registry backup is generated to provide the downgrade option. This file is removed after 72 hours. You can locate the backup file in the folder Program Data\Snow Software\Integration Manager\Backup. This backup file is protected by administrator privileges. If this file is seen as a security risk, you can delete it manually before the 72 hours have elapsed. If something goes wrong after 72 hours, contact Snow support for assistance.


The existing connectors would not automatically get the new encryption. To update the existing connectors, open and save the respective connector configuration window.