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Set up an Adobe Creative Cloud Project

  1. In the Adobe Developer Console, go to the projects page:

  2. Sign in by using an Adobe user account that has Administrator rights.

  3. In the upper right of the page, select the organization that you want to create the project for.

  4. On the Projects tab, select Create new project.

  5. A project is created, and a project page opens.

  6. Select Add API.

  7. Select User Management API and select Next.

  8. Do one of the following:

    • To add API using Service Account (JWT):

      1. Select Service Account (JWT) authentication.

      2. On the Create a new Service Account (JWT) credential view, select OPTION 1, and then select Generate keypair.

      3. Adobe generates the certificate and the private key, and downloads an archive containing them to the device.

      4. Select Save configured API.

    • To add API using OAuth:

      1. Select OAuth Server-to-Server authentication.

      2. Select Save configured API. Your client is now created. Copy the values of Client ID, Client Secret, and Organization ID to use when configuring Snow integration Manager.


    The Service Account (JWT) credentials have been deprecated according to the announcement from Adobe, and the existing functionality will stop working after Jan 27, 2025. You must migrate your application to use the new OAuth credential before the deprecated date. To find details on the deprecated functionality, refer to the Adobe Developer's Migration Guide.

After completing this task, follow the general procedure to Configure the Adobe Creative Cloud connector.

The connector makes Connector API calls to the vendor to Retrieved information.