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Connector configuration

The Snow Integration Connector for Amando Software Miss Marple is configured in the Snow Integration Manager (SIM). For more information on SIM, refer to Snow Integration Manager.


This connector requires that you have a user name and password with read access to the Miss Marple database.

Configure the Miss Marple connector

The Miss Marple connector uses a database connection. In Snow Integration Manager, add the Miss Marple connector and continue with the following steps in the Connector Configuration: Miss Marple dialog to complete the configuration:

  1. Under Connection, choose one method below—either a or b—that will be used for the connector to log in to the Miss Marple database:

    1. Connect using SQL user account credentials:

      • Enter the SQL Server name in the Server box.

      • Enter valid login credentials in the User id and Password boxes.

    2. Connect using a domain user account:

      • Select Use integrated security.

      • To get the Database box filled automatically, select the browse button (...) and select the appropriate database.

  2. To verify the connection, select Test connection.

  3. Optional: Under Site name, we recommend that you fill in the Name box only if no Global site name is configured.


    If you do have a Global site name, you are still able to fill in the Name box here; however, be aware that doing so will override the Global site name.

  4. Under Aggregation, select the number of months for the initial aggregation of Miss Marple inventory data.

    1. To reset an ongoing incremental aggregation, select Clear Last Aggregation Date.

  5. Advanced optional settings:

    • VDI Hostname Mask: If you use the combination here of rule type and mask value, then all machines whose hostnames match will be reported as VDIs.

    • Mock Metering Data: When this is enabled, metering data will be generated with the user-defined duration in minutes for all software that can be identified as having run.

  6. Select OK to save and close this configuration.