Configure the Microsoft Hyper-V connector

The Snow Integration Connector for Microsoft Hyper-V is configured in Snow Integration Manager (SIM). For more information on SIM, refer to Snow Integration Manager.

The Microsoft Hyper-V connector uses an API connection.

  1. Enter the Site name for this collection of Hyper-V servers.

    This setting will override the Global site id.

  2. To add one or more Hyper-V servers to scan for virtual machines, select Add.

    The Microsoft Hyper-V Server dialog box appears.

  3. In the Server name or IP box, enter the hostname or IP address of the server (type “.” for localhost).

  4. Specify whether this is a standalone Hyper-V server or a VMM server controlling one or more Hyper-V hosts.

    For a VMM server, select whether HyperThreading is enabled on the hosts to ensure that the correct number of processor cores is reported to Snow License Manager

  5. Enter logon credentials in the User (username or DOMAIN\username) and Password boxes.

  6. By default, each virtual machine’s name is its Fully Qualified Domain Name (computer name + domain), for example MYCOMPUTER.mydomain.local.

    If only the computer name is needed, select the Remove domain suffix from virtual machine names checkbox.

  7. For a VMM server, go to Step 8. For a Standalone Hyper-V server, go to Step 9

  8. In the DataCenter name area:

    1. Select whether the hosts belong to a VMHostGroup or a HostCluster configuration in the System Center VMM server.

    2. If you prefer stand-alone hosts to belong to the VMM Datacenter, select the Put stand-alone servers into VMM Datacenter checkbox.

  9. To verify the connection, select Test.