Configure the Google Cloud Discovery connector

The Snow Integration Connector for Google Cloud Discovery is configured in the Snow Integration Manager. For more information on SIM, refer to Snow Integration Manager.

In Snow Integration Manager, add the Google Cloud Discovery connector and configure the settings:

  1. In the Email Address box, enter the email address as saved in Locate email address for Google Cloud service account.

  2. In the Certificate File box, enter the value for the service account key as saved in Create Google Cloud service account key and password.

  3. In the Certificate Password box, enter the password as saved in Create Google Cloud service account key and password.

  4. To check if the connection can be established, select Test connection.

  5. Select Projects.

    The Available Projects dialog box appears. The dialog box displays the primary project and all secondary projects that have been added as described in Assign Google Cloud service account to secondary projects.

  6. Select the checkboxes for the Google Cloud projects that you would like Virtual Machines to be discovered from, and close the Available Projects dialog box.

  7. In the Name box, enter the site name for the connector. This will override the global site name set in SIM.

  8. Select OK to close the window and save the configuration.

    The connector is now ready to generate Snowpacks including all Compute Instances from the selected projects.