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The SaaS - Generic connector reads data from a structured JSON file and converts it to a Snow format. The data is subsequently sent, processed, and presented in Snow License Manager. The data from the third-party SaaS system must be converted to a JSON file and conform to a JSON-schema definition. The schema file—generic_saas_schema.json—is found in the installation directory of Snow Integration Manager.

To successfully configure SaaS - Generic connector, take the contents of When to use SaaS - Generic connector into consideration. Also read the section Define a workflow.


  • Refer to Snow Product Dependencies for the snow products and versions to be installed.

  • The structured JSON file that is first mentioned in Introduction must be provided by the user and adhere to the JSON-schema definition as described in the generic_saas_schema.json file.

  • A Snow License Manager user account is required for Web API authentication. The user account must either be member of the built-in role API Users or be member of a user-created role that is assigned both the GLOBAL > Complete access to all features and objects, and the WEB > Access to the License Manager Web API. See Web API or User Guide: Web API for Snow License Manager 9 for further details.Web APIWeb API

  • The Snow License Manager API must be accessible from the machine where Snow Integration Manager is installed.

When to use SaaS - Generic connector

It is preferred to use one of the out-of-the-box SaaS connectors, rather than to create a new one using SaaS - Generic connector, if possible. See the list of available SaaS connectors in Available integration connectors. If the SaaS product that you wish to integrate with Snow License Manager is not in the list, consider using SaaS - Generic connector.

If you decide to use SaaS - Generic connector, it is recommended to design a workflow where you both take into account how often you want to update data in Snow License Manager and what data should be part of the update.


To successfully feed the connector, good knowledge of querying APIs, data processing, and structuring JSON data is required.