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Configure the Aha! for Product connector

The Snow Integration Connector for Aha! for Product is used to determine the number of paying Aha! users.

The configuration must be started and prepared according to SaaS connector configuration.


An Aha! user account is required to connect to the Aha! API. An account with the role Owner is required to set permissions for the account to be used in the connection.

Generate and get the API key

Snow Integration Manager integrates with Aha! for Product via a unique API key.

  1. Log in to Aha! with an account that has the Owner role.

  2. Create a user account that will be used to connect to the Aha! API, or use an existing account.

  3. Set at least Viewer access to the Workspaces that you want to collect data for.

  4. Generate the API key for the user account.


    Save the API key in a safe place, as it cannot be retrieved after navigating away from the page. However, you can always generate a new API key if needed.

  5. Select and copy the API key.


In the Configure Aha! for Product section at the bottom of Connector Configuration: SaaS:

  1. In API key, paste the copied API key, as saved in Generate and get the API key.

  2. In the Endpoint field, enter the hostname for your Aha! instance, it has the form: https://{your-company-name}

  3. To verify that the connection between Snow Integration Manager and the Aha! API is successful, select Test Connection.

  4. To enable the connector, select Active.

  5. Select Save.