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Install the agent

Snow Inventory Agent for Unix can be installed by using either a prepared installation package or copies of the binary file.

Prepare an installation package

As a Snow Atlas user, you can create your own installation packages by using Package Builder.

Otherwise, Snow Support will create the installation packages for you. See the article How to request agent on Snow Community for instructions on how to request an installation package. Note that you must first sign in to Snow Community to be able to access the article via the link.

The installation package can be copied to any folder on the target computer.

Install the agent using a prepared installation package

  1. Start a terminal

  2. Convert the shell script to an executable script by running the command:

    chmod +x snowagent-<version>.sh
  3. To install, run the executable script by using the command:

    sudo ./snowagent-<version>.sh --install-path <path>


During the installation, an uninstall script is created.

Install the agent using copies of the binary file

The executable file is named snowagent.jar. It is an executable Java archive that performs inventory of hardware and software on the server where it is executed.


Install the agent in the path /opt/snow/.

  1. Create the directory:

    $ cd /opt
    $ mkdir snow
  2. Put the files snowagent.jar and snowagent.config in the created directory. If Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner is to be used, also put the file sios.jar in the same directory.

  3. Create a sub-directory called data under opt/snow/ and set permissions:

    $ sudo chmod 0755 data


If the server path contains the Java runtime, the agent can be run as in the examples in the sections that follow. Otherwise the Java runtime needs to be added to the path, alternatively the Java runtime can be started with the path to the Java installation.

Use the commands below to show help and version of the agent:

$ sudo java -jar snowagent.jar -?
$ sudo java -jar snowagent.jar version

Uninstall the agent

To uninstall the agent, use the script located under /opt/snow. The script will remove the opt/snow directory including all files. The scheduling entry must be manually removed from crontab.

Run the script with the following command:

$ sudo /opt/snow/