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Configure the scan schedule

Configure the scan schedule for Snow Inventory Agent for Linux if you want the agent to scan at another frequency or point in time than the default setting, which is once every 24 hours.

Cron scheduling of the Linux agent is added (or removed) using the program snowcron. To avoid multiple scheduling occurrences, any change in scheduling is automatically preceded by a removal of the current scheduling.

For a full specification of the scheduling feature, see the comment at the beginning of the snowcron script file located in /opt/snow.

Note that snowcron needs to be run with superuser privileges, which can be obtained by using for example sudo.

Define a scan schedule

To define a schedule for the scan by using a snowcron configuration file (snowcron.conf), add time and date fields, or period, to the file.

Configuration file examples:

Example 19.
# run snowagent at four twenty in the morning every day
20 4 * * *

Example 20.
# run snowagent at nine in the evening first day of the month
0 21 1 * *

Example 21.
# run snowagent at nine fifteen in the evening every Sunday
15 21 * * 0

Example 22.
# run snowagent hourly

Add a scan schedule

To add scheduling by using the snowcron configuration file, specify that file in the snowcron command, for example:

cd /opt/snow
./snowcron -f /opt/snow/snowcron.conf /opt/snow/snowagent

Remove a scan schedule

To remove scheduling:

cd /opt/snow
./snowcron -r /opt/snow/snowagent