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Encryption of inventory data

The inventory result (snowpack file) is encrypted using the default crypto key. With the tool AESKEYGEN, which can be ordered from Snow Support, custom crypto keys can be created for a certain agent or group of computers.

The tool creates a key that needs to be copied to a folder on the Inventory server (all keys must be located in the same folder) as well as to a folder on the computer(s) to be inventoried. The file is named <fingerprint>.cryptkey.

Use this setting in the configuration file of the Inventory server to specify the folder where the crypto keys are located:


Use these settings in the configuration file of the agent to specify the fingerprint of the crypto key to use for Snowpack encryption, and the folder where it is located (optional):

   <Setting key="snowpack.encryption_fingerprint" value="b6089ea5556a6ab86775bf19ed65791c"/>
   <Setting key="snowpack.encryption_path" value="path/to/folder/with/cryptokey"/>

If no folder path is specified, the path to the agent itself will be used.