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Overview view

On the Overview page the number of inventoried devices over the last 30 days are presented in two graphs; one aggregated (cumulative) graph and one per-day graph. Also, summaries of the information available in the Devices, Agent updates, and Configurations views are presented.



Device inventory status

Shows information on when the devices last reported data to the server. The information is shown both as a pie chart and as a list.

Agent with latest version

Shows the latest, available version of the agent for each platform, and also information on (in percentage) how many out of the total number of agents that have that version. Point to the bar to see additional information.


Shows a summary of the Configurations view.

The Published configurations reflects the number of configurations that have been created and deployed via the Admin Console compared to the Total number of inventoried configurations.

Latest agent version

Shows information on any new versions of the agents.