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Devices view

On the Devices page information on discovered and inventoried computers and other devices are presented in views. A number of views are delivered with the installation, and new can be created to support customer needs. Also, filters can be added to the views to refine them even further.

The inventoried devices are identified using the following properties:

  • sitename

  • hostname

  • biosserialnumber

  • uniqueidentifier (i.e. SID on Windows machines)

In case no scan result has yet been processed for a device, the name of the device is shown in light-gray italics in the Device name column, and all other columns are empty. This can happen in the following scenarios:

  • The server is aware of the device, but no inventory has yet been performed

    When the Inventory agent is installed, it initially performs a "heartbeat" with the server on a regular basis (this is configurable using the http.poll_interval setting). The heartbeat does not contain a scan result, so until the first scan is scheduled and received, the computer name will be shown in light-gray italics.

  • The maximum unit count granted by the license has been reached

    When the license capacity has been reached, no additional inventory results will be processed and the names of the overage computers will be shown in light-gray italics.

  • The inventory result is corrupt

    This is a very rare scenario but can theoretically happen.

Devices cannot be automatically deleted in Inventory. To delete a device in Inventory, either delete it manually in the Admin Console, or use functionality in Snow License Manager.


The following commands are available on the Devices page:




Export the information as it is displayed on the Devices page to file. Any grouping or sorting will apply.


Show (or hide) the search box


Refresh the content of the view

Add view

Create a new custom view

Edit view

Edit a selected custom view

Copy view

Create a new custom view by copying an existing view

Delete view

Delete a selected custom view

Show details

Show details of a selected device

Initiate scan

Run a scan of a selected device.

For more information, see Update procedures.


Delete data associated with the selected device(s). Note that data for any deleted device will reappear the next time the device reports.

Device details

To see details of a specific device, double-click the device, or select the device in the list and then click Show details.

A summary is displayed in the main window. A container for the device is added under Devices in the category structure with the following sub-containers:

  • System

  • Network

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Oracle

  • Peripherals

  • Users

  • Custom

  • Log file

  • Virtualization

Click to expand each sub-container and have the details presented in the main window.