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The following chapter contains tips related to troubleshooting of both installation and running of the Snow Inventory Server 6.


If the installation for some reason cannot be completed and must be cancelled, the Inventory 6 database must be deleted manually, and a new one must be created.


Conflicting certificates

A certificate is bound to the IP address and port configuration of the computer.

If a certificate is selected in the HTTP Bindings step of the installation process, but another different certificate is already associated with that <ip>:<port> combination, a warning will be displayed and the installation cannot proceed.

Information on any existing bindings can be found in the registry:


The <ip>:<port> parameter is typically used with the unassigned IP address but can be used to bind to a specific interface as well. However, the port has to be unique and you can only have a single certificate hash bound to a specific port.

To remove existing bindings:

> netsh http delete sslcert ipport=

To add new bindings:

> netsh http add sslcert ipport= certhash=ABCD... appid={...}

Inspecting inventory files

Inventory files that are produced by Snow Inventory Agent are encrypted. These files can be opened and inspected by using Snow Inventory File Extractor, which is a tool that allows opening inventory files that use either .snowpack or .inv as the file extension.

The tool can be used independently of Snow Inventory Server and is available in Snow Community:

For more details and usage instructions, please read the Snow Community knowledge article.