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This document describes administration and configuration of Snow Inventory Servers and Agents using the Snow Inventory Admin Console. Some functionality described in this document may work differently or not at all in previous Snow Admin Console versions.

The graphical user interface that is used for management of Snow Inventory Servers and Agents is called the Snow Inventory Admin Console and it runs as a stand-alone application.

The Admin Console gives the administrator an overview of the environment including system performance, and status of the agents and the inventory data. Since the agents include their latest log when sending the inventory results to the server, detailed information on agent status and history is available for all platforms.

Information on agent versions and configurations is also available in the Admin Console. The administrator gets an overview of all the different Inventory Agent configurations and has the possibility to edit existing configurations, and create new ones. Also, the administrator can trigger a remote scan of Windows devices from the Admin Console.

Update procedures

Any changes to the Inventory Agent, for example agent updates, new configurations, or requests of immediate scans, will be sent to the agent at the next scheduled communication time with the server. For the Inventory Agents for Linux, Unix, and macOS that normally means the next scheduled scan, while for the Windows agent it means the next reoccurring handshake which by default occurs every 5 minutes.