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Agent updates view

The Agent updates page lists all updates that have been made to the agents, such as configuration updates and updates of support files.

When an agent update is created, criteria are set for which devices the agent will target. When the update has been created, it will be continuously looking for devices that match the configured criteria. This ensures that any new devices that show up in the organization will be updated as well.

The option Allow downgrade of agent version will decide whether the update is allowed to install an earlier agent (with a lower version number) or not.


  • An active agent update will have the status In progress in the Agent updates view, even if no actual update is running at the moment.

  • An agent update will be indicated as successful if it completes its task without failure. For example, if an agent update with the Allow downgrade of agent version option disabled (not selected) targets a computer with a higher agent version number, the update will be marked as successful even though no actual update was made.


The following commands are available on the Agent Updates page:




Export the information as it is displayed in the Agent updates view to file. Any grouping or sorting will apply.


Show (or hide) the search box


Refresh the content of the view

Show details

View details of a selected agent update, including targets of the update

Create new

Create a new agent update using the Create new update wizard

Pause update / Resume update

Pause an active agent update / resume a paused agent update


Delete an agent update

Agent update details

To see details of a specific agent update, double-click the update or select the update in the list and then click Show details.

A summary is displayed in the main window, and a container for the update is added under Agent Updates in the category structure. Expand each of the icons Successful, Pending, Failed, and Total to have the details presented in the main window.