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Entitlements tab

Via the Entitlements tab in the Enterprise > Oracle overview section of SAM Core you can manage your Oracle agreements, orders, and license assignments.


The Entitlements tab provides four different views:

  • Agreements lists all registered Oracle agreements. You can manage your agreements via this view, see Manage Oracle agreements.

  • Orders lists all registered Oracle orders. You can manage your orders via this view, see Manage Oracle orders.

    An Oracle order includes a customer's entitlement details related to a specific Oracle purchase: the number of licenses, support status, associated maintenance agreements, product use rights, and more.

    Select an order row to see detailed information for the order in the Oracle order detailed view.

    For an explanation of the statuses in the Completeness field of the Oracle order list, see Oracle order statuses.

  • License Assignments lists the license compliance status for all virtual machines, physical servers, and datacenters/clusters. You can assign licenses to your Oracle products via this view, see Assign Oracle licenses.

    For an explanation of the license compliance statuses, see Oracle license compliance statuses.

  • Auto assignment lists all auto-assignment rules, if any. To learn more about auto-assignment and how to configure auto-assignment rules, see Auto assignment of Oracle licenses.

Oracle order detailed view

The Oracle order detailed view shows detailed information for a specific Oracle order. To reach the page from the Entitlements tab, select the Orders view, and then select the specific order row in the table.

The top section of the view contains general information on the Oracle order, such as the order number, the total cost (license cost and support cost) for the order, and the number of assigned licenses.

The bottom section of the view contains detailed information on the Oracle order. The information is presented in tabs according to the following table.



Order information

General information on the Oracle order

If the order status is Partial, or Incomplete, you can select Edit order in the upper-right corner of the page and fill in the missing fields. Once an order is completely filled in, its status will be updated to Complete.

The order statuses are described in Oracle order statuses.

Contact information

Contact information on the Oracle order


Products associated with the Oracle order.


Uploaded documents and links related to the Oracle order


General information on the Oracle order registration

Oracle order statuses

The table lists the possible statuses for an Oracle order. The status is shown in the Completeness column of the Orders view.

Status name



All Order information and Products fields are completely filled in and correct for the order; no order information is missing. An order must have this status before you can assign Oracle licenses to the products included in the order.


All Order information is complete and correct, but there are no products included at all.


One or more Order information fields are not complete. There may or may not be problems with the Products fields.

To resolve the Partial or Incomplete status for an order, go to the Edit order view and edit the incorrect or missing information on the Order information and Products tabs. See Edit an Oracle order for instructions on how to edit an order.

Oracle license compliance statuses

The table lists the possible Oracle license compliance statuses for a virtual machine, physical server, and datacenter/cluster. The status is shown in the Status column of the License Assignments view.

Status name



Has assigned licenses for each inventoried deployed Oracle product, based on calculated license requirements.

Incomplete Data

Has inventoried deployed Oracle products, but license requirements cannot be precisely calculated.

Not Compliant

Does not have assigned licenses for every inventoried deployed Oracle product, based on calculated license requirements.

Product Issues

Rules have been violated for inventoried deployed Oracle Database Standard Editions related to maximum number of occupied sockets.

No Products

Does not have any inventoried deployed Oracle products and should be excluded from Oracle compliance overview.