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Add object

  1. On the Objects menu, click Add object.

    The Add custom object view appears.

  2. To speed up the registration process when adding multiple objects, select the After object has been saved, open new form for same object type check box.

    When selected, the system will automatically go to Add object with the current object type selected when you save the current item.

  3. Enter information in the fields on the tabs according to the following sections.

  4. Click Save.

Properties tab

Use the Properties tab to enter properties for the object:

  1. Select an Object type from the list.

  2. Type a Name of the object.

  3. Select Organization node from the list in order to attach the object to a specific part of the organization.

  4. Enter Property values of the object.

    Available property values depend on selected object type.

  5. Click the Select computer SearchIcon icon for Linked computer to search for a computer and link the object to it.

  6. Click the Select user SearchIcon icon for Linked user to search for a user and link the object to it.

Agreements tab

The Agreements tab is only available if the selected object type can be attached to an agreement.

To attach the object to an agreement:

  • Click the check boxes to select an agreement.