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Edit device

  1. On the Computers menu, click List all devices and find one or more devices to be edited.

  2. To edit one device: 

    1. Click the device row.

      The Device detail view appears.

    2. On the context menu, click Edit device.

  3. To edit several devices at the same time:

    1. Select the devices.

    2. Click Edit devices on the context menu.

      The Multiple device editing view appears.

  4. Edit the information in the fields on the General tab according to the following section.

  5. Click Save.

General tab

Use the fields on the General tab to edit information on the device:

  1. Select Organization node that this device belongs to from the list.

  2. Select device Status from the list:

    • Active - The device is active in the system and will require licenses for installed applications.

    • Quarantined- The device is placed in quarantine, but will still require licenses for its installed applications. If automatic quarantine management is activated (in Snow MACC) the device will automatically be placed in quarantine and removed from the system when it stops reporting inventory data.

  3. To prevent the device from being placed in quarantine status or being removed from the system if it stops reporting inventory data, select the Disable automatic quarantine management.

  4. To disable auto connect rules, select the Disable auto editing check box.

  5. Click Save.