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The document describes how to upgrade to Snow License Manager 9.0 from Snow License Manager 8.0, 7.0, 6.2, 6.1, 2011 (6.0), 2010 (5.x), and 2009 (4.x).



  • Read this document carefully before an upgrade is started.

  • Snow Update Service is used to upgrade Snow License Manager 9. It is impossible to upgrade to Snow License Manager 9 by use of a standalone, executable file.

  • Before you begin an upgrade, backup all your databases.

  • Snow License Manager 9 will share components, like Snow Management and Configuration Center and Snow Update Service, with Snow Inventory 6. Therefore these components will always be installed in the location of the system variable %PROGRAMFILES% and not in the selected destination folder. Please make sure that the user running the installation package has access to that path.

System requirements

Verify that the servers meet the system requirements for this product. System requirements and information on dependencies on other Snow products are gathered in System Requirements for all Snow products and Snow Product Dependencies.


It is highly recommended to install all dependent Snow products before installing Snow License Manager:

  • Regardless of which inventory solution you use, you must install the Snow Inventory server as the inventory data source for Snow License Manager.

  • The Snow License Manager database and the Snow Inventory database must reside on the same SQL Server instance.


  • When Snow License Manager starts, it will attempt to connect to the port that it is assigned to. If this port is already taken, Snow License Manager will stop.

  • If Snow License Manager has been upgraded to version 8 by use of an installation package, an upgrade to version 9 must be performed by use of Snow Update Service. This is valid for upgrades of Snow License Manager both online and offline.

User account and license keys

Have the following available:

  • An SQL user account with database administration privileges (sa or equivalent account with sysadmin rights) and password.

  • The license key for the Snow License Manager version that you will upgrade to, as well as your organization/company name as supplied by Snow Software.

  • The SRS activation key, if you plan to continue using the Software Recognition Service (SRS).

Before upgrading to Snow License Manager 9

Before you upgrade, verify that the Software Recognition Service (SRS) database is updated with the latest recognition rules for the current Snow License Manager installation.

It is mandatory to upgrade to Snow License Manager 8 before it is possible to upgrade to Snow License Manager 9.

If you use an earlier version than Snow License Manager 8, follow Upgrade to Snow License Manager 8 to upgrade to Snow License Manager 8.

When you have Snow License Manager 8 installed, you must choose one of two paths:


Since any upgrade involves risks, it is recommended that upgrades should only be performed by persons with adequate knowledge and experience.

Contact Snow Software or your local Snow partner for assistance with the necessary pre-upgrade checks and post-upgrade validations.