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Work with lists

Information in Snow Management and Configuration Center is often presented in lists that can be sorted, grouped, and filtered for customized use.

Manage list columns

Sort columns: Click the column header once or twice to select ascending or descending sorting order. As an alternative, right-click the column header and select sorting order from the menu.

Add or remove columns: Use the Column Chooser to add columns that are not displayed by default, or to remove unnecessary columns.

  1. Right-click the column header, and then click Column Chooser.

    The separate window Customization appears.

  2. To add or remove a column, move it between the list header and the Customization window.

  3. Click Close.png to close the Customization window.

Group columns: Lists can be grouped by dragging columns to the grouping area above the list. The lists can be grouped in one or several levels.

To ungroup, drag the column back to the column header.


Filter list content

List content can be modified directly by using filters.

Custom Autofilter

Point to the column header to display the filter button, and then click the filter icon.

Either scroll through the list to filter the displayed content, or create a custom search by selecting (Custom). The custom filter only applies on the selected column and does not affect other filters in the list.


Filter editor

For advanced filtering with more than one criteria, right-click the column header and select Filter Editor.

In the editor several criteria can be added with different operators, “and/or” statements, and dependencies.


Quick filters

Quick filters are available in the Software Recognition category. Type the search criteria in the field just below the column header. Press Enter or wait a few seconds while the list is reloaded. Only rows that match the given filter will be displayed.

Use % as a wildcard character to include all rows that contain the search string.

To reduce number of hits, add filters for multiple columns.