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My notifications

The notifications enable you to monitor alerts and system events in Snow License Manager, such as added licenses, deleted computers, updated agreements, or agreements nearing their expiration dates.

Your configured email notifications are sent per category and action. This means that if you have one notification for added agreements and one for updated agreements, you will receive one email listing all of the added agreements and one listing all of the updated agreements. Depending on the activity in your system, you might also receive multiple notifications per day for each category and action.

The notifications will be sent only once so make sure to take appropriate action, when needed.


SMTP settings must be activated in Snow MACC to enable sending of e-mails.

Add or edit notification

  1. Perform one of the following

    • To add a notification, click Add notification.

      The Add notification dialog box appears.

    • To edit a notification, click the notification row.

      The Edit notification dialog box appears.

  2. On the Details tab:

    1. To activate the notification, select the Active box. If left cleared, no notifications will be generated.

    2. Type a Name for the notification.

    3. In the Send to box, type the e-mail address of the recipients that the notification is intended for. Use comma as separator.

    4. In the Category list, select the category that the notification applies to.

    5. In the When list, select for which action a notification should be sent. Available options depend on the selected category.

  3. Optionally, on the Criteria tab:

    • To make the notification more precise, add more criteria. Use multiple criteria and groups in order to create advanced filters. For each criteria, select an operator which tells the system how to compare the values. Use % as a wildcard character for values.

  4. Click Save.

Delete notification

  1. On the notification row, click the Delete RemoveWhite icon.

    The Delete notification dialog box appears.

  2. Click OK to confirm.