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Web applications

It is possible to collect and measure usage of cloud/web based applications. Regardless of what type of binary being used (regular application, browser, etc.), the Snow web metering solution measures the HTTP/HTTPS traffic for the hosts that have been configured. The result is presented in Snow License Manager as regular applications, with most regular application features available.

Configuration of which cloud/web applications to monitor is done in the Web applications task.

When a web application is added and activated, software recognition rules are created automatically. This means that any usage of cloud/web applications that matches the entered patterns will be identified and presented in Snow License Manager.

Add or edit web application

  1. Perform one of the following:

    • To add a web application, click Add web application.

      The Add web application dialog box appears.

    • To edit a web application, click the web application row.

      The Edit web application dialog box appears.

  2. Select Client site name and Client configuration from the lists.

  3. Type the Name for the web application. This is the name that will be used by Snow License Manager.

  4. In the Patterns box, type the domain name of the web application (no wildcard characters are allowed). Use domain names and not URLs. Several domain names can be entered, but only one per row.

    • Example:

  5. To activate the web application, select the Active check box. If left cleared, Snow License Manager will not measure usage of the web application.

  6. Click Save.


An added web application will only apply to a specified site and configuration. If several sites and configurations are to be measured, create one web application for each site and configuration combination.

Delete web application

  1. On the web application row, click the Delete RemoveWhite icon.

    The Delete web application dialog box appears.

  2. Click OK to confirm,