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Oracle database products

Oracle licensing is complex, with intricate rules and dependencies. In order to determine if you are correctly licensed, you need to know exactly what Oracle products are installed and used in your IT environment as well as the hardware configuration of the servers running Oracle. You also need to have full control over all Oracle agreements and orders.

The Oracle Management Option (OMO) is a product developed by Snow Software for asset management of Oracle database products. The Oracle Management Option inventory scan automatically supplies details about all Oracle products and database instances. The scan is based on the Oracle LMS (License Management Services) scripts and follows the LMS guidelines, thus ensuring full Oracle compatibility. The outcome of the inventory scan is presented in the SLM Web UI.

While the inventory scan automatically supplies necessary information, all Oracle agreements and orders have to be registered manually. You also need to manually associate the Oracle orders to the Oracle servers. For step-by-step instructions on the registration process, see Register an Oracle purchase

No automatic compliance calculation is performed by Snow License Manager for Oracle database products. However, with all information available in one place, the Oracle licensing responsible can be assured to always have the correct and up-to-date information on deployments, orders, options, and management packs to ensure legal compliance. Snow License Manager supports the compliance analysis process by dedicated reports and alerts over Oracle servers not covered by a license. It is also possible to generate and export reports in the format required when submitting a declaration to Oracle, i.e. the Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) report.