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Register an Oracle purchase

When an Oracle purchase has been made, the following needs to be done in Snow License Manager:

  • Register the Support and Software Updates Agreement.

  • Register the Oracle order.

  • Optionally, associate the server with the Oracle order.

Register the Support and Software Updates agreement

  1. On the Agreements menu click Add agreement.

    The Add agreement view appears.

  2. On the General tab:

    1. In the Type list, select Oracle Agreement.

    2. Type the Agreement number.

    3. Type an Agreement name, for example Oracle Support and Software Updates Agreement.

    4. In the Status list, select Valid.

  3. On the Agreement periods tab, click Add new period.

    The Agreement period dialog box appears.

  4. Select dates from the Valid from and Valid to lists, and then click OK.

  5. On the Contact info tab, type contact information.

  6. Click Save to save the new agreement.

Add Oracle order

To add a new Oracle order:

  1. On the Oracle overview, and on the Database editions tab, select the database edition.

  2. On the Orders tab, click Add Oracle order.

  3. On the Order information tab, enter the following information:

    1. Enter Order date.

    2. Select Status from the list:

      • When registering a new Oracle order, select Valid.

      • When upgrading or migrating an order, select status Terminated to highlight that this order is no longer valid.

        This is done to ensure traceability, since historical orders should still be available in the system.

    3. Type Order name and Oracle order number.

    4. Type the applicable Oracle Master Agreement (OMA) or Oracle License and Services Agreement (OLSA) reference.

    5. Optionally, type the Reseller order number.

    6. Optionally, type Internal reference number.

    7. Select the Currency for this order from the list.

    8. Type Area of use and Notes about the order.

    9. Enter information about the person responsible for the order in the Ordered by section.

    10. Enter information about the vendor or contractor for the order in the Vendor/contractor section.

    11. Click Add document to upload documents or add links related to the order.

  4. On the Products tab, click Add product and enter the following information to add the product licenses purchased on the Oracle order:

    1. Select Product type and Product from the lists.

    2. In the Type list:

      • Select Normal for a new Oracle order.

      • Select Upgrade when upgrading from an earlier version or upgrading to another edition.

      • Select Migration when changing metrics.


        The currently used metrics are Named User Plus and Processor. For older products, there are other metrics. When upgrading a database with old metrics, you need to migrate the metrics to the currently used metrics.

    3. Select Period type, License type, and Metric from the lists.

    4. Type Quantity of licenses and License cost.

    5. Type CSI (Customer Support Identifier).

    6. In the Agreement list, select the agreement to attach the Oracle order to.

    7. In the box to the right of the Agreement list, type the support and upgrade cost for the agreement, normally 22% of the purchase price.

    8. Click Add product to save the changes.

    9. Repeat the step for all products included in the order.

  5. Click Save.

Associate servers with the Oracle orders

The following needs to be done for all servers to be associated with the Oracle order.

  1. In the Computers category, navigate to the server.

  2. On the context menu, click Edit computer.

    The Edit computer view appears.

  3. On the Oracle tab[1], click Add.

  4. In the dialog box, type search criteria for the Oracle order item, and then click Search.

  5. Click the check boxes to select the correct Oracle order, and then click OK.

  6. Click Save.

[1] The Oracle tab is available only for Oracle servers.