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Archive computer

When a computer is archived, a snapshot of the computer details is saved before the computer is removed from the system. Since an archived computer is removed, all licenses currently attached to it are released. The saved details can be accessed using the computer report Archived computers or the Search for computers page if the filter Show archived is added.


  • An archived computer cannot be restored.

  • If an archived computer starts reporting inventory data again, a new computer record is created.

  • An archived computer does not consume, that is, does not count towards the unit limit of the Snow License Manager license or any other application licenses.

Archive one computer

  1. Navigate to the specific computer to be archived.

  2. On the context menu, click Edit computer.

  3. Click Archive in the top right corner, and then click Yes.

Archive one or more computers

  1. On the Computers menu, click Search for computers and find the computers to be archived.

  2. Select the check boxes to the left of the computers to be archived.

  3. On the context menu, click Archive computers and then click OK.