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Application groups

Application groups are used for applications that cannot be identified by one single row of data.

Groups are created and managed in the Application groups view which is divided into three sections as described by the following table:




Shows all applications available in Snow License Manager.

Applications supplied by the Software Recognition Service (SRS) are grey.

Application groups

Shows all application groups.

Applications in the selected application group

Shows the applications assigned to a selected application group.

Override application group

Application groups supplied by the Software Recognition Service cannot be deleted.

If you want to create a local application group or adjust the rules for a global application group, you have to override the assigned software. The SRS definition will then become inactive. If the local application group for some reason is removed later on, the SRS application group will be enabled again.

Search assigned software

Sorting and filtering functions can be used in the Applications list. To search for assigned software by different search criteria, click Search Assigned Software.