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Oracle Management Option

Oracle licensing is complex, with intricate rules and dependencies. To determine if you are correctly licensed, you need to know which Oracle products are installed and used in your IT environment. In addition, you need to know the hardware configuration of the servers running Oracle, as well as have full control over all Oracle agreements and orders.

The Oracle Management Option (OMO) enables asset management of your Oracle products. It provides visibility of your Oracle Databases, Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Java products, as well as license requirements and license assignments for the Oracle Databases plus their Options and Management packs, and for the WebLogic Server as part of the Fusion Middleware portfolio. The information is shown on the Oracle overview page in Snow License Manager.

While the information from the inventoried Oracle environments, gathered by the Oracle scanners, is supplied automatically to Snow License Manager with OMO included, all Oracle agreements must be registered manually. Oracle orders (entitlements) can be added either manually one by one or through a bulk order file import. You must also associate the Oracle orders with the Oracle servers, which you can do either manually or by using the Oracle auto-assignment functionality in Snow License Manager.

Snow License Manager supports the compliance analysis process with dedicated reports and recommendations for Oracle servers not covered by a license. You can also generate and export reports in the format required when submitting a declaration to Oracle, for example, the Oracle Product Compliance report.

With the Oracle verified data feature enabled, you can download a ZIP file with Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware data that Oracle accepts as an alternative to installing Oracle tooling.