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Snow License Manager offers several export capabilities. Lists can be exported to the formats CSV, PDF, XLS/XLSX, XML. To export a list:

  • In a detail view, right-click a list on a detail tab, and then click format.

  • On the context menu of a list view or a search result, point to Export, and then click format.


    The exported file will be available as a downloaded file in the web browser.

For more information, see Export report to file.


The PDF file format does not support all font formats. If the exported PDF file contains meaningless random characters, replace the font family in the web.config file:

  1. On your Snow License Manager application server, open C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow License Manager\Web\web.config.

  2. Replace the font family in the <settings.fontfamily> section for the applicable language. The following table shows examples of configurations in the <settings.fontfamily> section.




    <add key="zh-CN" value="Microsoft YaHei UI Light" />

    Chinese (Hong Kong)

    <add key="zh-HK" value="微軟正黑體 Light" />


    <add key="ja-JP" value="MS UI Gothic" />