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Oracle computer model mapping

An important criteria for determining Oracle licensing is the physical capacity of the server. One such detail is the number of processor sockets of the physical server, information that cannot be obtained by the inventory scan.

The Oracle computer model mapping view is used to manually specify the number of processor sockets for each unique computer model. The specified socket count value will be used as default for all servers of that model, but the value can be changed for a specific computer, if needed. The list includes all inventoried computer models with Oracle databases installed.

The Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) requires information on the physical socket count and this report will be populated using the information supplied via the Oracle computer model mapping.

To specify the number of processor sockets of the physical server:

  1. Click the computer model row.

    The Oracle computer model mapping dialog box appears.

  2. Type the physical socket capacity in the Number of sockets box.

  3. Click Save.