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Application family overview

All versions and editions of an application are together called an application family. In Snow License Manager, the application families are defined by the Software Recognition Service.

The Application family overview summarizes for example the license cost, compliance, and risk for applications belonging to the same family. The information can be used to optimize the licensing within an application family.

To view an Application family overview:

  • In the top section of the Application detail view, click the Application family link.

The Application family overview consists of:

  • A graph showing the number of installations per application and the percentage of how many consumers that are covered by a license.

  • A summary of for example license cost, compliance and risk.

  • Detailed information about the applications listed in tabs.


The graph shows specific bars for the five applications with the latest versions and editions, and a summarized bar for the older versions and editions. Only applications being installed and requiring a license are shown in the graph.

When pointing to a bar in the graph an information box appears. The information box shows the details on the coverage of the application.


The summary shows licensing information for the whole application family.

The information is described in the following table.



Total license cost

The sum of Total license cost for all applications in the family.


Compliance is calculated regardless of metric, and is here shown in percentage. Compliance is calculated as:

(Sum of covered consumers / Total number of consumers) × 100


Sum of the risk for every application in the application family.

Unused installations

Assigned licenses with no registered usage compared to the total number of licenses, shown in percentage.

Risk (Unused installation)

The cost for unused installations.

Not utilized licenses

The sum of not utilized, unassigned and incorrectly assigned licenses compared to the total number of purchased licenses, shown in percentage.

Potential overspend

Calculated as:

Not utilized licences × Total license cost

Detailed information

Detailed information about the applications is listed in tabs.

To find more information that can be used to optimize the licensing for the application family, click an application in the list on the Applications tab. Go to Tracking on the Licenses tab in the Application detail view.