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Agreements detail view

To show detailed information on a specific agreement, click the item in a list of agreements.

The top section of the detail view contains general information on the agreement.


Agreement number

Total cost

Expiration date

Renewal date


The type of agreement.

The agreement number.

The total cost for the agreement. Note that incomplete license purchases are not included.

The date when the agreement expires.

When agreement has expired: red icon

The date when the agreement must be renewed.

When agreement is not renewed: red icon

The bottom section of the detail view contains detailed information on the agreements. The information is presented in tabs according to the following table. Depending on selected agreement type, available tabs will vary.




All defined sub-agreements for this agreement.


All licenses attached to the agreement.

Computers/Mobile devices

All computers/mobile devices attached to the agreement.


All objects attached to the agreement (e.g. mobile phones, printers, and monitors)


Information on the Oracle orders attached to the agreement.

Agreement periods

Between which dates the agreement is valid.


General settings for the agreement.


General information and the custom fields that have been created for the agreement.

The information is sorted by information type.


A description of the agreement.


Uploaded documents and links related to the agreement.

For more information, see Manage documents and links.

Total cost

If there are licenses linked to an agreement, the Total cost or value of the agreement is visible from the top section of the agreement detail view. If no financial information is visible within the agreement, then either there are no licenses linked to the agreement or there is no financial information entered on the license. Note that incomplete license purchases are not included in the Total cost.

To see a cost breakdown for all licenses attached to the agreement, click the Total cost box.