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Custom fields

Custom fields are used for information or data that needs to be managed, but does not have a pre-defined entry in Snow License Manager. An unlimited number of custom fields can be created for the agreement, application, computer/mobile device, license, and user categories.

A custom field can be Mandatory, and must in that case have a defined Default value. The default value will automatically be added to new items within the category, as well as existing items without a value in the custom field. Information in a custom field of an existing item will not be overwritten. New items cannot be saved unless there is a value in all mandatory custom fields.

A list of all created custom fields is displayed in the Custom fields view.

Add or edit custom field

  1. Perform one of the following:

    • To add a custom field, click Add custom field.

      The Add custom field dialog box appears.

    • To edit a custom field, click the custom field row.

      The Edit Custom field dialog box appears.

  2. In the Name box, type a name for the custom field.

    The name will be displayed in the detail view of the computer/mobile device, license, and user categories. Choose a name so it will be easy to understand what kind of information is supposed to be entered.

  3. In the Category list, select for which category this custom field should be available.

  4. In the Type list, select type of content that can be entered in the field. The different types have built-in value validation.

  5. In the Description box, optionally type a description for the custom field.

  6. To create a list with pre-defined values for digit and text fields, type the value in the Multi select box and then click the Add AddCriterion icon for each value.

  7. To make the custom field mandatory for the selected category, select the Mandatory check box, and then type a default value in the Default value box.

  8. Click Save.

Delete custom field

  1. On the custom field row , click the Delete RemoveWhite icon.

    The Delete custom field dialog box appears.

  2. Click OK to confirm.

Enter custom field information

The Custom information tab is part of the add/edit views of the categories and is used to enter information in custom fields.

To add a custom field and value:

  1. In the Custom fields list, select the custom field to be added and then click Add or click Add all to add all available custom fields. The selected custom fields are added to the view.

  2. Enter information in the Value box. Depending on selected custom field, values can be typed, or selected from lists or calendar views.