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Import data

Import data is a wizard-based feature for importing data to Snow License Manager. Examples of import types are licenses, agreements, and users. Available import types are determined by the access rights of the logged on user.

Depending on the type of import, either new objects are created or existing objects are updated with new metadata.

The wizard guides you through the import/update, which consists of the following steps:

  1. Upload a data source.

  2. Configure import settings.

  3. Map source and destination fields.

  4. Preview of imported data.

  5. Import.

There is a dedicated wizard for each type of import/update.

Import source file

The import source file can be in Excel (.xls or .xlsx) or CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, and source files both with or without file headers can be used. Note that CSV files need to be encoded as UTF-8. Information can be imported to the pre-defined fields and to most custom fields applicable to the category (except for custom fields of type currency).

To download templates for importing data to Snow License Manager:

  1. On the Home menu, select Import data.

    The Import data view appears.

  2. Select Import templates.

    The Import templates dialog box appears.

  3. Select an import template from the list and then select Download.

    The template is downloaded.


The source file column names (if any) do not have to match the destination field names in Snow License Manager.

For a successful import of new or updated information in Snow License Manager, certain information must be provided. For more detailed information on required import data, and where the data can be found in Snow License Manager after the import, see the document Data Import Field Description.

Validation of data

To verify that only allowed data types and values are included in the import source file, the Import data function validates the data before it is imported. In the preview step of the import, errors are highlighted in red. Point to the field to see more information on the error.

Errors and conflicts that are highlighted in red prevent import/update of data.

Data can only be updated for an object that already exists in Snow License Manager. If the import data does not match an object in the database, it is not possible to continue with the update of that particular object.

Field mappings

In the Field mappings step of the import, the column names of the import source file are mapped to the corresponding fields in Snow License Manager. If the import source file has no header, index mapping can be used instead. This means that the fields of the import source file will be identified by index (column position 0, 1, 2, etc.) instead of text (column header).