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Search for Applications and Computers


This section describes the search function for the Applications and Computers categories. For a description of the search function for other categories, see Search for Mobile devices, Users, Agreements, Licenses, and Objects.

The Search view displays a list containing all rows with selected information within the category. You can add columns with more information to the list by using the column selector function.

You can search the list either by using the filtering function directly on one or more columns in the list, or by using the Apply filters function.

To search the list by using the Apply filters function:

  1. Select the Filter FilterIcon.jpg button to the left of the list.

    The Apply filters pane appears.

  2. Optionally, select a subset of the organisation tree from the Organisation box.

    The filter will be applied to the subset.

  3. To add a search criterion, select the filter target from the Choose filter drop down list box.

    The search criterion is added below the Choose filter box.

  4. For the added search criterion, select an operator type and select a search value or enter a search string. Use % as a wildcard character for the search string.

  5. Optionally, add more search criteria.

  6. Select Search.

    The list is filtered by the search criteria. Each search criterion is displayed as a tag above the filtered list.


Remove a search criterion from the search you just made by selecting the RemoveWhite on the search criterion tag. The filtered list is updated immediately.

Save searches for Applications and Computers

Filters and groupings that have been made in a search can be saved for easy access and reuse. Searches are saved per user.

To save a search:

  1. Select Save current search above the search result list.

    The Save search dialog box appears.

  2. Name the search in one of the following ways:

    • To update a previously saved search, select a search name from the drop-down list box.

    • To save a new search, enter a name for the search in the Name box.

  3. Select Save.

    The search name is displayed as a tag above the filtered list.

Select the Searches SearchesIcon.jpg button to the left of the list to access the list of saved searches. When a saved search is used, it will be applied on the current information in the database.