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Application denylist

Applications that are not approved for installation and usage in the IT environment can be specified in the Application denylist view. Unwanted software, for example, game and poker applications, can be monitored with the denylist functionality.

The Application denylist view consists of two tabs according to the following table.




Used for specifying criteria that result in a denylist of unwanted applications. A denylist criteria applies to an application name or an application type.

Applications (result)

Displays all applications affected by the denylist criteria.

Unwanted applications are automatically identified based on added criteria (application name or application type). Also, applications can be manually added to the denylist.

Installation or usage of a denylisted application will result in an alert. Denylisted applications are also displayed with red background in the Computer details and User details views.

To list all applications that have been denylisted:

  • Use the stock report All applications, and add the report criteria Denylisted.

  • In the view Search for applications, add the column Denylisted (Yes/No) from the Column selector to facilitate filtering.

  • Use the stock reports Denylisted applications per computer or Denylisted applications per user.

Add or edit denylist criteria

  1. On the Criteria tab, perform one of the following:

    • To add a denylist criterion, click Add criteria.

      The Add criteria dialog box appears.

    • To edit a denylist criterion, click the criteria row.

      The Edit criteria dialog box appears.

  2. Select Criteria type from the list.

  3. Type the Criteria. Use % as a wildcard character to include several applications with common names or types.

    • Example: %poker%

  4. Optionally, type a Comment to describe why the criterion is denylisted.

  5. Optionally, select the specific organization nodes that the denylist criterion applies to.


    If no specific organization node is selected, then the criterion applies to the whole organization.

  6. Click Save.

Delete denylist criteria

  1. On the Criteria tab, and on the criteria row, click the Delete RemoveWhite icon.

    The Delete criteria dialog box appears.

  2. Click OK to confirm.

View denylist applications

All applications that are affected by the denylist criteria are displayed on the Applications (result) tab, regardless if they are installed in the current IT environment or not. The columns Installations and Users show the number of installations and users in the current IT environment.