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License detail view

To show detailed information on a specific license, click the item in a list of licenses.

The top section of the detail view contains general information on the license purchase. Some information is clickable to show more details, such as the Incomplete warning that shows the reasons that make the license incomplete.


Default metric

Purchase price



The metric for the license.

The default metric for the application.

The purchase price for the license.

The number of licenses purchased.

The bottom section of the detail view contains detailed information on the license. The information is presented in tabs according to the following table.




A summary of the information and settings that have been registered for the license purchase.

Maintenance and support

Information on maintenance and support costs registered for the license purchase. Also, information on current upgrade rights is shown here.


How the license purchase has been assigned (to organization, site, user, or computer/datacenter)


General information on the license purchase, sorted by information type.


Uploaded documents and links related to the license purchase.

For more information, see Manage documents and links.

Maintenance and support tab

The Maintenance and support tab lets the user keep track of periodical costs connected to the license purchase. Any registered costs will be included in the Total license cost displayed on the Financial info tab in the application details view.

There are three options for adding maintenance and support periods to a license purchase;

  1. Add period and application upgrade rights manually.

  2. Use period and application upgrade rights according to an existing agreement that this license purchase has been registered as a part of.

  3. Use application upgrade rights according to the application SKU, and add period manually.

If a license has manually set upgrade rights and registered periods for maintenance and support, and that is changed to be according to an agreement instead, then these manually registered settings are replaced by the settings of the selected agreement.

When an agreement is updated with a new period, any license purchases that are part of that agreement will be updated regarding their maintenance and/or support periods.