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Snow Optimizer for SAP Software

These are the system requirements for the Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software.



Central SAP system (master system)

ABAP NetWeaver system, SAP basis release 7.01 onwards

Note: The software is to be installed on this system.

Satellite systems

SAP releases 4.6c SP37 up to SAP basis release 7 are supported

Central SAP system and satellite systems

If an ABAP NetWeaver satellite system is a Unicode system, the central SAP system requires Unicode as well.


Newest version required, compatible to release of current SAP system.

Memory space

The required memory space for the different memory areas in an SAP system (both on the master system and the satellites) depends in a complex way on the system count, number of users, amount of consumption data, number of change documents, etc.

Therefore, it is not feasible to give useful requirements which are applicable to any situation. Due to the relatively modest memory requirements of the software, the existing memory settings in an SAP system are already sufficient in most situations. In the very few cases when insufficient memory becomes an issue, memory settings of the affected memory area in the SAP application server can be increased.

Database space

The same complexity as mentioned for memory space applies here as well.

A typical example for a system landscape with 10,000 users is a resulting 4 GB of data stored in the database.