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Snow and third-party products

In testing its products and, in particular, their interactions with other vendors' products (for example, Microsoft Windows, SQL Server), Snow Software ("Snow") uses default installations of the supported versions and editions of these third-party products, configured as per the Snow System Requirements document.

Many of these third-party products offer additional features and configuration options. Please refer to each third-party product's documentation for details. These additional third-party product features and configurations are not tested by Snow for compatibility purposes and, unless otherwise stated, might have an impact on the functionality and performance of Snow products.

Snow products may not operate in accordance with the applicable Snow product documentation in environments where these additional third-party features and configurations are implemented.

For these reasons, any implementation of such additional third-party product features and configurations must be validated by the installation's technical owner(s) on a case-by-case basis and implemented under their responsibility.

As best practices would suggest, a preliminary implementation on an expendable test environment and a complete backup and restore strategy are highly recommended before any such implementation of third-party product features.