Daily Cost

The Daily Cost chart and tables help you understand the day-to-day differences in your costs. To see Cost Analytics for public cloud billing data, you must have billing retrieval turned on.


Views > Cost Analytics > Summary tab


Views > Cost Analytics > Daily Cost tab

Available to:

All Access Rights Levels

When unfiltered, the default Daily Cost chart shows a summary of your total costs for the previous 60 days, so you can easily see any spikes in your costs and investigate the cause of extra expenses. Each bar on this chart represents one day and each bar can be selected to view your daily cost breakdown in table format.

Accurate daily billing data takes a while for public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and Google) to accumulate and publish, so for public clouds, the most recent cost shown on this chart is for the day before yesterday. You'll still see a bar for yesterday's costs, but the amount will be zero. For private clouds, the most recent day shown is the previous day.

The horizontal dotted orange line indicates the average cost of all the days that are visible at the current zoom level. Click the legend of this chart to show or hide weekdays or weekends. Click the Export button to download the Daily Cost in XLS format.

Use zooming and scrolling to see cost trends on bigger or smaller scales. Using and , you can zoom to:

  • one week
  • one month
  • two months (default)
  • three months
  • six months
  • one year
  • two years

As you are zooming out, when you reach 3 months, the bars in the chart change to a line to allow you to more easily visualize trends over time.

Scrolling lets you scan through your data to get a better picture of your costs over time. Use the arrows at the sides of the chart to view consecutive timespans or see older costs.

The cost scale on the y-axis changes to accommodate bar or line height as you zoom and scroll.

To view basic cost details for each day on the chart, hover over a bar. Click an individual bar to bring up the Daily Cost Breakdown table, which shows the costs for that day, broken down by Service Type. Clicking an individual Service Type brings up the Daily Cost Details table, which shows all the costs for that day under the Service Type you selected. These two tables show you the most expensive costs first and are sortable by any column on the table headers. To help you understand a spike or dip in costs, sort the Cost Delta columns to show the largest cost increases and decreases.

Use the general Cost Analytics filters to view subsets of the total daily costs. For more information, see Filtering cost analytics information.

If you do not see the costs you expect to see, or if no costs are visible, see Troubleshooting Cost Analytics.

Storage costs for Azure shared disks are allocated based on VM ownership. If multiple VMs referencing a shared disk are assigned to different organizations, or to primary owners from different organizations, the cost for the shared disk is assigned to the organization that comes first alphabetically. If a VM that references a shared disk has multiple primary owners, the username that comes first alphabetically is considered the sole primary owner for determining cost allocation.