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For information on prerequisites, see Set Up Cost Analytics. To learn how it all works, see Cost Analytics.

You can download cost analytics tables in XLS format.

Filtering cost analytics information

To focus on types of account costs, you can filter all the costing information that appears on the Cost Analytics pages.

Click the Filter icon near the top right of the Cost Analytics page to open the Edit Filters dialog. Hover over the Filter text next to the icon to see which filters have been applied. By default, no filters are applied.

You can filter by Cloud Type, Cloud Account, Organization, or Advanced Filters like Billing Tags and Ownership. To apply and save your filter selection, click Apply Filters. When you sign out and sign back in again, your filter selections are retained.

When you select a filter, all the tables and charts on the Cost Analytics page will be filtered. For example, the most expensive VMs will only show VMs within the context of the filters you’ve applied.

For the most accurate overall results of most expensive VMs or any other table or chart on the Cost Analytics page, make sure your filters are set to show all the items you want to include in the results.

Cloud Type — You can filter for Public or Private cloud types. The choice you make will affect the cloud accounts that are available for viewing and selecting. If your system contains no items for the Cloud Type you’ve chosen, a message will inform you that costs aren't available for that configuration.

Cloud Account — If you’ve filtered for Cloud Type, this will affect the cloud accounts that are available for you to choose. For example, if you select the Public cloud type, you won’t be able to choose any private cloud accounts.

Organization — Selecting All VMs/Services will include all VMs and services, even if they aren’t assigned to an organization. Selecting Any Organization will include only VMs or services that are assigned to an organization.

Cost Adjustments — If you've added markups or discounts to your costs in the Cost Model, you can select Include Markups and Discounts to see the cost adjustments on all graphs, tables, and exported tables in the Cost Analytics page. Select None to see only original costs. This filter is available for Commander Cost Analytics only. Adjusted costs are always shown in the Service Portal if you added markups or discounts to your costs in the Cost Model.

Advanced Filters — Filter by Billing Tags and Ownership to refine your view of the costs.

The qualifiers for the advanced filters are:

  • contains
  • doesn't contain
  • equals
  • doesn't equal

For the qualifiers “contains” and “doesn’t contain”, your descriptive text string can use wildcard characters. Use “?” to replace a single character and “*” for one or more characters. For the qualifiers “equals” and “doesn’t equal”, your descriptive text string can’t use wildcard characters.

If you don’t see the costs you expect to see, or if no costs are visible, see Troubleshooting Cost Analytics.