Getting Started with Cloud Automation

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To configure a self-service request process for your users, you should perform the following basic cloud automation steps.

  1. Configure Organization Quotas

    Limit the compute resources granted to organizations so that resources are allocated to cloud consumers based on business requirements.

  2. Configure Application Placement Strategy

    Customize the default placement strategy by prioritizing the factors most important to you. Optional for initial deployment.

  3. Configure Placement Attributes

    Configure placement attributes to define the capabilities of a deployment destination and the requirements of an application. Optional for initial deployment.

  4. Add Entries to Service Catalog

    Make services available for users to request. Publish services that can be deployed on multiple clouds.

  5. Create Service Forms

    Configure New Request Service forms that support your existing service request and provisioning process.

  6. Configure Change Requests

    Configure change requests to perform post-deployment operations on any type of resource.

  7. Prepare Approval and Pre-Provisioning Workflows

    Set up approval and pre-provisioning workflows for new service requests and change requests.

  8. Configure Provisioning and Automated Deployment Options

    Customize application naming conventions and automated deployment destinations for published services.

  9. Prepare Completion Workflows

    Set up post-provisioning workflows for change requests and new service requests.