Monitor and Maintain Commander

This section covers some of the ways that administrators can monitor system activity and optimize Commander performance. Topics include:

  • Inventory Summary

    If you select the root Inventory node, the Summary tab provides a quick display of your inventory. The Dashboard section of this tab also provides some important searches for your cloud infrastructure elements, which you can use to quickly see your most relevant and important counts.

  • Monitor with Tasks, Alerts, Events

    You can use Commander tasks, events, and alerts to troubleshoot and easily identify what's happening to a VM or other object. You can also create and manage a number of maintenance-focused scheduled tasks.

  • Commander Database Maintenance

    For a large, busy environment, you can purge historical data to help minimize database size and maintain Commander performance.

  • Manage Commander Services

    You can use the Snow Commander Control Panel to manage the Commander services and database.

  • Manage Commander Licenses

    You can renew or increase the number of Commander licenses.