Most Expensive Organizations


Views > Cost Analytics > Summary tab

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Use the Most Expensive Organizations information to see which organizations are the top spenders. When unfiltered, the Most Expensive Organizations table and chart show the cost of all VMs and other services aggregated over the past 30 days under specific organizations, in order of cost.

Click the icon to open the Configure Chart dialog where you can select the number of organizations you want to display and select table or pie chart format for viewing the costs.

The pie chart represents 100% of your organizations. If you choose to display fewer organizations than you have, the organizations that are the least expensive will be grouped under the title “Others”. For example, if you have 10 organizations and you configure the pie chart to display the top 5 organizations, the resulting chart will show 6 slices. The slice that's labeled “Others” will represent the sum of the remaining 5 organizations.

Use the Export button to download the Most Expensive Organizations information in XLS format. Use the general Cost Analytics filters to view subsets of the Most Expensive Organizations. When you select a filter, the Most Expensive Organizations table and chart will be filtered. The filter “Organization” will be ignored.

If you don’t see the costs you expect to see, or if no costs are visible, see Troubleshooting Cost Analytics.