Recommendations and Savings


Views > Cost Analytics > Summary tab

Available to:

All Access Rights Levels

Using VM performance data, Commander issues rightsizing recommendations for VMs so you can adjust the CPU, memory, and instance type to optimize performance of your VMs and avoid wasting resources. The Recommendations and Savings table and chart show how to reduce costs by running your system more efficiently.

Click a Recommendation Type to go to the Recommendations page where you can implement this recommendation immediately. The general filters that you have selected in the Cost Analytics page will be pre-populated in the Recommendations page. For more information, see Manage Recommendations.

Click the Table icon to see the table view and the Chart icon to see the chart view. Use the Cost Analytics filters to view subsets of the recommendations.

Use the Export button to download the Recommendations and Savings chart in XLS format. If you don’t see the costs you expect to see, or if no costs are visible, see Troubleshooting Cost Analytics.