CloudTemplateParameter Data Type

A parameter that must be passed to a generic cloud template during deploy - provides user input and is generally required for the deploy to complete successfully. The value set in here is part of the blueprint, and will be used as input to the template deployment. These are not directly exposed to the end user at request submission time. Instead, if you wish user input to the parameter, set the value to a variable that points to an existing input element on the form. An example is: #{form.inputField['DNS Label']}

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
allowedValues list of string element 0/unbounded If this is limited to a specific set of values, what are they? Read only.
defaultValue string element 0/1 Default value - read only.
description string element 0/1 Description of the parameter - read only.
id long element 1/1 ID of the parameter - must be set when updating
name string element 0/1 Name of the parameter - read only.
noEcho string element 0/1 If set to true, this represents a secret (i.e. a password), and should not be printed in plain text. Read only.
type string element 0/1 What type is this? (string, int, etc). Read only.
value string element 0/1 Value that will be used when template is deployed. Either a hardcoded value, or a variable that points to form or destination. An example is: #{form.inputField['DNS Label']}