Event Data Type

A current event in V-Commander. These events are returned to the caller if they are watching for new events to appear. For example, "tell me about all new policy alerts".

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
eventArgs element 0/1 The arguments that are combined with the message key to generate the message for the event. This is for internal use only and is subject to change.
item ManagedObjectReference element 0/1 The managed object associated with this event. For example, a VM start event will have a WSVirtualMachine associated with it.
severity EventSeverityType element 0/1 The severity of the event
taskId long element 0/1 The id of the task that generated this event; null if the event was not caused by a task.
timestamp long element 0/1 The time that the event occurred.
type string element 0/1 The type of the event
userName string element 0/1

The userid of the user that caused this event. The userid may be:

  • a V-Commander user, for user-originated events
  • a management server user, for remote events
  • SYSTEM, for events that originate from V-Commander


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