GlobalProvisioningSpec Data Type

Global configuration for provisioning - naming, datastore provisioning, and multi-service requests.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
datastoreFillingStrategy DatastoreFillingStrategy element 0/1 What strategy should be used to select a datastore for a new VM's disks?.
datastoreThreshold int element 1/1 What % of each datastore should be held in reserve? (placements won't occur on this datastore if it's above this).
multiServiceRequest string element 0/1 Are multi service requests allowed?.
nameUniqueGlobal string element 0/1 Generated name should be unique globally (true) or within parent (false).
placementPriorities element 0/1 Get the current placement priority map
vAppNamePrefix string element 0/1 Global vApp naming prefix.
vmNamePrefix string element 0/1 Global VM naming prefix.